One Planet Cardiff

Cardiff today is a three planet city. If everyone in the world consumed natural resources and generated carbon dioxide at the rate we do in Cardiff, we would need three planets to support us. This is not sustainable or equitable to everyone we share our planet with.

Our aspiration is for Cardiff to be a one planet city by 2050.

Being a one planet city is all about making sure that Cardiff is an enterprising, prosperous, healthy, happy, clean and green sustainable city in the future.

Our vision for a sustainable One Planet Cardiff focuses on the key impact areas of energy, waste, transport, food, water, place and people. The associated delivery plan identifies the key projects to deliver this vision.

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We all depend on energy to heat our homes, cook our food, power the electrical goods we use and run our cars. Issues surrounding global energy security and supply, and escalating costs are well documented. The challenges now are to reduce demand for energy, invest in local sustainable energy supply and provide citizens with energy security and access to more affordable supply.

As part of our commitment to the European Union’s Covenant of Mayors we’ve set a citywide per capita CO2 reduction target of 26% by 2020, and have formed citywide partnerships with local businesses and organisations to deliver this.

Energy in your home / sustainable energy generation

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By 2050 Cardiff aims to be a Zero Waste City. This is more than an aspiration; by 2025 the Welsh Government has set a target that 70% of household waste must be recycled or composted.

These are challenging targets. But they’re ones that we’re on course to hit. Our early aim is to maximise the amount of waste which can be reused, recycled or composted. Over the last 10 years the recycling and composting rate of household waste in Cardiff has risen from 4% to 52%. We’re on target to exceed 52% recycling in 2013/14 and will continue to adjust and amend strategies to deliver the highest targets, reduce waste and optimise waste as a resource overall.

Keep Cardiff Tidy

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Transport in Cardiff is currently dominated by private car journeys. This creates challenges for the city around carbon emissions, congestion and health. Getting transport right can help make Cardiff a safer, healthier, more prosperous, cleaner and greener city. It’s clear we need to change the way transport works in the city, with the aim of making it as easy as possible to leave your car at home with sustainable transport options that are accessible to everyone.

Every day we make travel choices. By choosing smart, sustainable travel options you can gain many benefits. Leaving the car at home can be:

- Cheaper
- Healthier
- Quicker
- Less polluting
- Fun

Keep Cardiff Moving | Download the One Planet Cardiff Transport Fact Sheet


Surprisingly food is the largest component of Cardiff’s ecological footprint. The food footprint comprises farming, processing, distribution, packaging, catering, retail and waste. Your meal travels a long way and through many processes before it reaches your plate.

The best way to slow the growth of Cardiff’s food footprint, and at the same time create local jobs and improve our health is to increase our consumption of fresh, local, seasonal and organic foods.

Food Cardiff
Riverside Community Market Association
Cardiff Allotments
Fair Trade Wales

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Wales has a reputation for having lots of water, but we need to ensure that we use this natural resource wisely. One big challenge, and a big opportunity, will be how we make the most of this resource, to develop new ways of supplying water, treating water, making energy from water, ensuring water security, and of course, preparing for too much water in the form of flash flooding and rising sea levels, creating a water sensitive city in all ways.

Water is a resource we can all collect and use more wisely. Cardiff will work with partners to optimise water as a resource, to support sustainable drainage and development schemes as well as supporting residents to do more in their homes for grey water use.

Welsh Water
Natural Resources Wales

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Sustainable communities will be at the heart of our approach to One Planet Cardiff. Cardiff is famous for its vibrant communities and strong sense of place. It’s these places that need to evolve to meet the key challenges in meeting our One Planet Cardiff aspiration.

Cardiff is set to grow. The city is projecting a population increase of around 20% over the next 15 years. A Local Development Plan is being prepared to plan how the city grows which responds to key sustainability factors. But this isn’t just about new communities, it’s about ensuring that the services people need are locally available and to every community across the city.

Cardiff is a green city. It has more green space per person within the settlement boundary than any of the other major British cities, plus easy access to green space even in the city centre. We’ll be making sure that this thinking is continued in all our new developments and masterplans across the city.

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Becoming One Planet Cardiff is all about making sure that Cardiff is an enterprising, prosperous, healthy, happy, clean and green city in the future. It’s about making sure that Cardiff will be an even better place to live in 2050 than it already is now.

Above all, becoming One Planet Cardiff will be about responding to the big challenges and grasping the big opportunities of the 21st Century.

This will require new solutions to be invented, designed and tested, which in turn will require talent, imagination, enterprise and invention. Cities don’t have these qualities, people do – and these are qualities the people of Cardiff have in abundance. The people who make smart, sustainable lifestyle choices and achieve positive behavioural change are the people who’ll make a difference to the city.

In short, becoming One Planet Cardiff will rely on us all becoming One Planet People.

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What's going on?

There are local groups and networks working towards making Cardiff a more ‘one planet city’.

Transition Cardiff

Green City

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